Question: When did Livin on a Prayer come out?

What date did Livin on a Prayer come out?

Livin’ on a Prayer

“Livin’ on a Prayer”
Released October 31, 1986
Genre Glam metal
Length 4:11 (album version) 4:23 (Rock Band 2 edit) 5:07 (DualDisc remix) 5:16 (Crossroads re-record version)
Label Mercury

How old was Bon Jovi when Livin on a Prayer came out?

“I think the most interesting part of that song, it was the first time we ever used characters,” Richie Sambora told Fuse TV. “And quite frankly it was because in our life at that point, in that juncture of time, we were 26 years old. I was. Jon was probably 24 at the time.

Did Bon Jovi wrote Livin on a prayer?

“And my pay was $6,000. That was it. And so, you know, songwriters have really gotten the short end of the stick when all this was set up on the beginning, and so that’s why we’ve been fighting and fighting. “And last year, we had a victory with the Music Modernisation Act that was signed 100% bipartisan.

Who made living on a prayer?

Livin’ on a Prayer/Композиторы

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