What is the Infant Jesus of Prague known for?

Known as the Infant Jesus of Prague, the statue is placed in the Church of Our Lady Victorious, and it has been a symbol of Christian faith and Jesus’ teaching for millions of people around the world since its creation. The statue is old over 400 years, made in the 16th century and donated to the church in 1628.

Where is the Infant of Prague?

Lesser Town, Prague 1. The Infant Jesus of Prague, a much celebrated statue, is housed inside the Church of Our Lady Victorious (Kostel Panny Marie Vítězné). The statue is credited with miraculous healing and, amongst other things, with saving Prague during the Swedish siege of 1639.

What is the Infant of Prague known for?

Observed on January 14, the Feast of the Infant Jesus of Prague celebrates the mystery of the Incarnation. Originating in the Czech Republic, tradition holds that the original statue was once possessed by St. … Their daughter, Princess Lobkowicz, gifted the statue to the Discalced Carmelite friars.

Why is it called Infant Jesus of Prague?

Its exact historical origins are obscure, but devotion to the Child is believed to have begun in 1556 when Maria Manriquez de Lara brought the image of the infant to Bohemia (former name for Czech territory) from Spain on her marriage to local nobleman Vrasitlav of Pernstyn.

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What is the history of the Infant of Prague?

The exact origin of the Infant Jesus statue is not known, but historical sources point to a 19‑inch (48 cm) sculpture of the Holy Child with a bird in his right hand currently located in the Cistercian monastery of Santa María de la Valbonna in Asturias, Spain, which was carved around the year 1340.

What does baby Jesus represent?

Mary points to Jesus and stares directly at the viewer, showing whoever is worshipping that Jesus and his teachings are the way to salvation. In this example of religious iconography, baby Jesus represents the righteous path.

Who made the Infant Jesus that was given to the wife of Rajah Humabon?

It all began when an image of the Holy Child, called the Santo Niño, was given as a baptismal gift to the local chief’s wife by Spanish explorers led by Portguese-born Ferdinand Magellan. When Magellan arrived in Cebu, he was received positively by the local chief, Rajah Humabon.

Why does the head fall off the Child of Prague?

This rather strange addition seems to come from the fact that the statues were, in the past, made rather shoddily. The neck was a weak stress point and when left outside over night, the clay or plaster of paris would contract in the cold and the head would invariably fall off.

Where should I put my child of Prague?

What do I do with the Child of Prague statue?

  • he should be placed in the garden under a bush.
  • he should be placed in the garden facing the house.
  • he should be placed in the garden facing away from the house.
  • he should be buried in the garden up to his neck.
  • he should be buried upside down in the garden.
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What is the Infant of Prague the patron saint of?

Feast Day: 3rd Sunday of May. Patron Saint of: Children, Colleges, Good Finances and Health.