Quick Answer: How do idoma call God?

Although there are some words, that can be translated into English as “god”. They are: Owoicho; Owo (or Owa);

What does EGUN call god?

105 Egun (Gu) Lagos,Ogun Mau God. 106 Ejagham Cross River Abasi The Supreme God.

What is Alekwu Idoma?

To be precise, Alekwu is a traditional god of the Idoma, popularly believed amongst the people to have the power to protect, reward and punish sons and daughters of the land. The Idoma believe that it could punish anyone who goes contrary to the morals, norms, cultures or traditions already laid down.

How do you say my love in Idoma language?

In Idoma “ihotu” which means love, can be dissociated into two words “iho” and “otu”. Iho “means: love, purity, holiness, and also evokes moral uprightness and the human capacity for sacrifice.” Otu “means: the spirit (intellect, feeling, mind, emotion), the heart (the organ).

What is god called in Tiv?

The Tiv, who live in the central Benue valley of Nigeria, have a name for God, Aondo (sky), but are not much interested in him because they say that he is not much interested in them. God, in their view, created the earth and everything within it—including the forces of evil.

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What does ibibio call God?

Here are what the Ibibio-Efik give their God’s name; Abasi – God; the director of the universe. Ete – Father. Abasi Afid Abuk – God of All Flesh.

How does igala call God?

—There is a general belief in a supreme God called Ojo (pronounced Aw jaw), though how far this is the result of intercourse with other tribes it is impossible to determine now.

Where did Idoma originated from?

There are many divergent views as to the origin of Idoma people but most historians agree that Idoma people migrated from Apa in Kwararafa Kingdom after her distintegration.

Are Idoma Igbo?

Classified as a minority ethnic group and often mistaken to be part of the Igbo tribe, the Idoma people are known for one language – Idoma, which is classified in the Akweya subgroup of the Idomoid languages of the Volta–Niger family.

What is king in Idoma language?

Masculine Idoma Names and their meanings

Name Meaning
Ochayi King of Children/ Pride of the family
Oche/Otse King
Ochefije A person is worth more than money.
Ocheje Only God knows

What is queen in Idoma language?

Today, IDOMA VOICE takes a look at some feminine Idoma names and thier meanings.

Female Idoma names and their meanings.

Achieni Unexpected, surprise
Ochanya Queen
Onyoche King’s wife (Queen)
Odaleko There’s time for everything
Oganya /Iganya Women leader

What is husband in Idoma language?

Oba is the Idoma word for husband or groom.

What is beautiful in Idoma language?

“Aa Jonya Nehi” is the Idoma phrase for “you are so beautiful”.

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What is god called in Okrika?

The name means; “God’s will”, “God’s desire”, “favour from God”, “God’s plan” in English.


Gender Unisex
Language(s) Ijaw, Okrika, kalabari, Nembe,
Word/name Rivers State, Bayelsa State, Delta State
Meaning God’s will, God’s desire, God’s plan, favour from God

What is god called in ebira?

Before the advent of Islam, Ebira people practised a form of African traditional religion with a central focus on a god called Ohomorihi, the rain-maker who lives in the sky.

How do EDO call god?

Osalobua is the name for God in the Edo language. It is often abbreviated as Osa, which is commonly integrated into modern Edo names, such as Esosa, which means God’s goodness or gift; Eghosa, God’s time; and Efosa, God’s blessings or wealth. … The Esan people called God “Osenebra”. It is often abbreviated as Ose.