Is the name Susanna in the Bible?

Susanna is a feminine first name, of Egyptian and Persian origin. It is the name of women in the Biblical books of Daniel and Luke.

Is Susanna mentioned in the Bible?

Susanna is among the women listed in the Gospel of Luke at the beginning of the 8th chapter (8:1–3) as being one of the women who provided for Jesus out of their resources.

What does Susanna mean in the Bible?

Biblical Names Meaning:

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Susanna is: Lily, rose, joy.

How old is the name Susanna?

Susanna has a long history of usage in the Unites States, dating well before the 19th century. More likely than not, the early Puritans brought Susanna to America in colonial times, as it was their practice to adopt lesser known Biblical names.

Is Susanna a good name?

Susanna Origin and Meaning

The name Susanna is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “lily”. Susanna is an old and under-appreciated name, perhaps because of the recent overpopularity of Susan, that is certainly due for a comeback. The Susannah spelling is just as appropriate as Susanna.

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Is Susanna in the Catholic Bible?

Susanna (/suˈzænə/; Hebrew: שׁוֹשַׁנָּה‎, Modern: Šōšanna, Tiberian: Šōšannā: “lily”), also called Susanna and the Elders, is a narrative included in the Book of Daniel (as chapter 13) by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church.

What did Susanna do in the Bible?

Susanna, the beautiful, pious, and chaste wife of Joachim, is falsely accused of adultery by two elders who desired to sleep with her. Often depicted is the scene of the two elders, hidden in Susanna’s garden, spying on her when she takes a bath.

What is the full meaning of Susanna?

Also Su·san·nah. a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “lily.”

Is Susanna a French name?

Suzanna is French Girl name and meaning of this name is “Lily, Variant of Hebrew Susannah”.

What is the meaning of Susanna in English?

Also: Susannah. a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “ lily”

When was the name Susanna popular?

Susanna Name Popularity

Year Rank # Births
1912 744 17
1913 814 15
1914 704 33
1915 666 60

Is Susanna an Italian name?

سوسن, Susan, is the Persian spelling of this name. The spelling Susanna is used in Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands and Finland, as well as much of the English-speaking world. Zuzana is used in Czech Republic and Slovakia, and the spelling is Zsuzsanna in Hungary.

Susana (given name)

Related names Susanna, Susan, Suzanne,

What does Lily mean?

Lily is an English name used in reference to the popular white, showy flower. It signifies purity and innocence. Although it isn’t derived directly from the Bible, it does have Biblical connections: lilies are often used to represent the Virgin Mary’s purity, and St. … Gender: Lily is traditionally used as a girl name.

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Is Susannah a German name?

Susanne is a feminine given name. It is a German and Scandinavian form of Susanna, with Susann and Suzanne as variants. Notable persons with the given name Susanne include: Susanne Antonetta (born 1956), American poet and author.