Frequent question: What religion is CBC church?

We are a conservative, evangelical, interdenominational, Bible church.

What kind of church is CBC?

About Community Bible Church

Formed in May 1990, from day one the mission of the Community Bible Church (CBC) has been to reach people with the good news of salvation in Jesus’ name, to teach people how to live the Christian life according to the Bible, and to help people through the hard times in life.

What does CBC church believe?

What We Believe. We believe that the Bible is the inspired word and revelation of God, and that the Scriptures are our final authority in faith and conduct. We believe there is only one true and living God, in whom are three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, yet one in essence, co-equal and coexistent.

What denomination is community Bible study?

Bush joined the Midland, Texas chapter of Community Bible Study and became one of 120 Midland men who began a rigorous study of the Bible. This evangelical Christian class was a turning point in Bush’s personal religious journey.

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Who is pastor of Community Bible Church?

Steven Foster – Senior Pastor – Community Bible Church | LinkedIn.

Who is the pastor for CBC Church San Antonio?

Robert Emmitt, 58, founder and senior pastor of one of the largest evangelical Christian congregations in San Antonio, has handed over the reins of Community Bible Church to Ed Newton, 40, a longtime Florida-based evangelist.

What Religion Is Community Bible Church?

We are a conservative, evangelical, interdenominational, Bible church.

How big is CBC San Antonio?

It also happens to be one of the biggest churches in the country. Community Bible Church on Loop 1604 near Gold Canyon Road has a 52-acre campus and a 3,500 seat auditorium.

What is an independent church?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Independent church may refer to: National church, especially in Anglicanism and Orthodox Christianity, the organisation of that denomination within a given nation, which acts independently of the churches of the same denomination in other nations.

When did Community Bible start?

As a result of those prayers, the first Community Bible Study class began in the Fall of 1975 at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, Maryland.

What is BSF statement of faith?

Doctrinal positions and practices

BSF has a statement of faith to which all leaders must agree. It emphasizes salvation by grace through faith (Eph 2:8) while encouraging a holy (sanctified) lifestyle.

Who started Community Bible Church San Antonio?

Robert Emmitt founded Community Bible Church with 110 people in a hotel conference room 22 years ago. Today, it’s San Antonio’s largest church. On average, 14,000-plus worshippers show up for its 10 weekly services at Loop 1604 and Gold Canyon Road.

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How many people go to Community Bible Church in San Antonio?

Community Bible Church near Loop 1604 and Highway 281 currently has 5 services every weekend, in a worship center that holds 3,500 people.