Frequent question: What is meant by sinful?

What is the meaning of sinful?

1 : tainted with, marked by, or full of sin : wicked. 2 : such as to make one feel guilty a sinful chocolate cake. Other Words from sinful Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About sinful.

What is the meaning of sinful person?

If you describe someone or something as sinful, you mean that they are wicked or immoral. ‘I am a sinful man,’ he said. … this is a sinful world. Synonyms: wicked, bad, criminal, guilty More Synonyms of sinful.

What does sinful behavior mean?

sinful Add to list Share. … Immoral or ungodly acts are considered to be sinful by some religious believers—so when a sin is committed (like telling a lie or killing someone), the behavior is described as sinful.

What is the meaning of sinful life?

adjective. characterized by, guilty of, or full of sin; wicked: a sinful life.

What Words are sins?


  • crime.
  • error.
  • evil.
  • fault.
  • guilt.
  • immorality.
  • lust.
  • misdeed.

What is sinful food?

Gluttony (Latin: gula, derived from the Latin gluttire meaning “to gulp down or swallow”) means over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items, particularly as status symbols. In Christianity, it is considered a sin if the excessive desire for food (Frazer) causes it to be withheld from the needy.

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What is a sin in the Bible?

Sin is an immoral act considered to be a transgression of divine law. … According to Augustine of Hippo (354–430) sin is “a word, deed, or desire in opposition to the eternal law of God,” or as scripture states, “sin is the transgression of the law.”

What does immoral act mean?

Immoral, referring to conduct, applies to one who acts contrary to or does not obey or conform to standards of morality; it may also mean licentious and perhaps dissipated. … Immoral, amoral, nonmoral, and unmoral are sometimes confused with one another. Immoral means not moral and connotes evil or licentious behavior.

Who is an ungodly?

Definition of ungodly

1a : denying or disobeying God : impious, irreligious …

What are the 4 types of sin?

The 4 Types of Sin

  • Sins of Commission. What is it. …
  • Sins of omission. Sins of omission occur when you fail to obey gods moral law. …
  • Venial sin. Venial sins are less serious then mortal sins, because the do not destroy our relationship with God, and our ability to love. …
  • Mortal sins.

Why do we sin?

People sin because they were made human and weak in spirit and body. It’s probably the reason that God is prepared to forgive over and over. God expects us to sin but He expects us to also be aware when we sin and to turn to Him for succor and forgiveness.

What word class is sin?

sin 1. / (sɪn) / noun. theol. transgression of God’s known will or any principle or law regarded as embodying this.

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What is the meaning of the word iniquity?

Definition of iniquity

1 : gross injustice : wickedness. 2 : a wicked act or thing : sin. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About iniquity.

What does sinfully delicious mean?

informal. in a way that is bad for you, but enjoyable: These brownies are sinfully delicious.