Can I listen to the Bible on audible?

Listener’s Audio Bible – New International Version, NIV: Complete Bible by Zondervan | Audiobook |

Does audiobooks have the Bible?

To get the entire Bible, look for all four audio Bibles studies included in The Books of the Bible™.

Who reads the Bible on audible?

Product details

Listening Length 17 hours and 15 minutes
Author Topics Media Group
Narrator James Earl Jones Release Date December 04, 2003
Publisher Topics Media Group

What is the best version of the Bible to listen to?

1) Bible: The Story of the King James Version by Gordon Campb. The King James version, since its production has been seen as one of the most authentic and gorgeously written English translations of the Bible.

Is the King James Bible on audible?

The Complete King James Version Audio Bible by Christopher Glyn | Audiobook |

What is the Bible audiobook?

What Is the Bible? provides insights and answers that make clear why the Bible is so revered and what makes it truly inspiring and essential to our lives. Rob takes us deep into actual passages to reveal the humanity behind the Scriptures. You cannot get to the holy without going through the human, Rob tells us.

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How many hours is the Bible audiobook?

Product details

Listening Length 72 hours and 1 minute
Program Type Audiobook
Version Unabridged
Language English
ASIN B011876T6C

Is there an app that reads you the Bible?

YouVersion Bible is completely free and lets you listen to books, chapters and verses of the Bible. You can listen to daily Reading Plans that you subscribe to in the Bible App and even pray over your prayer list. … Download the free Bible App for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and Amazon tablets at

What app does James Earl Jones read the Bible?

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Pray, Inc. encourages downloading its app to listen to James Earl Jones’ narration of the Bible and other bedtime Bible stories.

How long is the Bible audible?

Audio Bibles are usually about 75 hours long, so you can listen to it in just over 12 minutes a day.

Can Siri read the Bible?

Siri can help you find websites dealing with the Bible, by saying, “Find Bible passages.”, but once you have found one that provides what you want for passages, you have to switch to your device’s Spoken Content settings, and these are not on by default; you have to enable them.

Can I read the Bible on my phone?

Read God’s word with just the push of a button. A couple of decades ago, Christians had to buy tiny-fonted, abridged pocket Bibles to carry God’s word with them throughout the day. Today, you can just download a Bible app to your smartphone and have the whole scripture at your finger tips.

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Who voiced the Bible on tape?

Alexander Scourby was the first to record the King James Bible on long play records in 1944. After 68 years, his recording is still regarded as the Gold standard and still the very best narration on the market, as verified in the above survey report.