What are the first 30 books of the Bible?

1-Amos, 2-Mark, 3-Luke, 4-John, 5-Joel, 6-Judges, 7-Job, 8-Hebrews, 9-Esther, 10-Acts, 11-James, 12-Ruth, 13-Romans, 14-Titus, 15- Matthew, 16-Genesis, 17-Philemon, 18-Chronicles, 19-Daniel, 20- Nahum, 21-Hosea, 22-Lamentations, 23-Revelation, 24-Timothy, 25- Samuel, 26-Numbers, 27-Malachi, 28-Peter, 29-Exodus, 30- …

What are the 30 books in the Bible?

Terms in this set (30)

  • Genesis. …
  • Exodus. …
  • Leviticus. …
  • Numbers. …
  • Deuteronomy. …
  • Joshua. …
  • Judges. …
  • Ruth.

What are the first books of the Bible in order?

The books of the Bible

  • Genesis (50 Chapters)
  • Exodus (40 Chapters)
  • Leviticus (26 Chapters)
  • Numbers (36 Chapters)
  • Deuteronomy (34 Chapters)
  • Joshua (24 Chapters)
  • Judges (21 Chapters)
  • Ruth (4 chapters)

What are the first 25 books of the Bible?

Terms in this set (25)

  • Genesis. 1st book.
  • Exodus. 2nd.
  • Leviticus. 3rd.
  • Numbers. 4th.
  • Deuteronomy. 5th.
  • Joshua. 6th.
  • Judges. 7th.
  • Ruth. 8th.
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What is the 32nd book of the Bible?

Table of comparisons

Book Tanakh (Hebrew) NJB
1 Kings 10 11
2 Kings 11 12
Lamentations 32 31
Leviticus 3 3

What are the 39 books of Old Testament?


Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) (24 books) Protestant Old Testament (39 books) Catholic Old Testament (46 books)
Shemot Exodus Exodus
Vayikra Leviticus Leviticus
Bamidbar Numbers Numbers
Devarim Deuteronomy Deuteronomy

How many books are in the Old and New Bible?

However, somewhat different lists of accepted works continued to develop in antiquity and, in the fourth century, a series of Synods or church councils (notably the Council of Rome in 382 CE and the Synod of Hippo in 393 CE) produced a definitive list of texts which resulted in the current 46 book canon of the “Old …

What are the first 5 books of the Bible in order?

The Greek word Pentateuch (“five books or a bookcase or volume of five”) refers to the first five books of the Bible; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. To the Jews, these five books are also known collectively as The Torah.

Which is the oldest book in the Bible?

The first book written was probably 1 Thessalonians, written around 50 CE.

Table III: Deuterocanonical Old Testament.

Book Date or range of dates most widely held by scholars
3 Maccabees 100–75 BCE “very probable”

How many brothers did Jesus have?

Adelphoi (brethren) of Jesus

Mark 6:3 names James, Joses, Judas (conventionally known in English as Jude) and Simon as the brothers of Jesus, and Matthew 13:55, which probably used Mark as its source, gives the same names in different order, James, Joseph, Simon and Judas.

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What are the first 20 books of the Bible?

Terms in this set (10)

  • Exodus. Genesis.
  • Numbers. Leviticus.
  • Joshua. Deuteronomy.
  • Ruth. Judges.
  • 2 Samuel. 1 Samuel.
  • 2 Chronicles. 1 Chronicles.
  • Nehemiah. Esther.
  • Psalms. Proverbs.

What are the 46 books of the Old Testament in order?

Terms in this set (46)

  • Genesis.
  • Exodus.
  • Leviticus.
  • Numbers.
  • Deutoronomy.
  • Joshua.
  • Judges.
  • Ruth.

Who wrote the 27 books of the New Testament?

Although St. Paul was not one of the original 12 Apostles of Jesus, he was one of the most prolific contributors to the New Testament. Of the 27 books in the New Testament, 13 or 14 are traditionally attributed to Paul, though only 7 of these Pauline epistles are accepted as being entirely authentic and dictated by St.

What is the 23rd book in the Bible?

The Book of Psalms is part of the third section of the Hebrew Bible, and a book of the Christian Old Testament.

Psalm 23
Language Hebrew (original)

What is the 40th book of the Bible?

Isaiah knew that there would be 39 books in the Old Testament written, and there would be 27 more written after he showed up.At Isaiah 40:3-8 (corresponding to Matthew the 40th book of the Bible) we see the appearance of the forerunner of the LORD, John the Baptist crying in the wilderness “Prepare ye the way of the …

What is the 44th book of the Bible?

Isaiah 44 is the forty-fourth chapter of the Book of Isaiah in the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament of the Christian Bible.

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Isaiah 44
Category Latter Prophets
Christian Bible part Old Testament
Order in the Christian part 23